Lecrae — Broken ft. Kari Jobe



[Verse 1: Lecrae]
I’m just a broken instrument in the hands of the Greatest
So if the notes are off it’s ‘cause I ain’t nothin’ to play with
And you can fault me, but ain’t we all off key
Majorin’ in the minors like there ain’t no errors behind us
Somehow he still makes these melodies with my felonies
I ain’t buyin’ nothin’ they sellin’ me what you tellin’ me
Broken pieces actin’ like we ain’t cracked
Man we all messed up and cain’t no one escape that
We some broken people
Came from broken homes
Broken hearts inside of a broken soul
Alcoholics, the addicts
English, African, Arabs
Ain’t no riches to fix it
You still broke when you have it
If you ain’t breakin’ bad and you still chasin’ the habit
It ain’t no wonderland so we still chasing the rabbit
Ain’t a soul on the planet
That’s better than another
And we all need grace in the face of each other

[Hook: Kari Jobe]
All the pieces on the ground
I shattered all the dreams I thought I found
Can you put me back together?
I need your grace for my flaws
God I’m broken in this mess I’ve made
I need you to restore me