Zara Hovhannisyan – Когда мы вместе – мы сильны !



When We’re United


1God has called us from different nations,

He gave us His name!

God has called us from different tribes and tongues

But He gave us one heart!

R When we’re united

We are strong

When we’re united

The Lord is in the midst of us

When we’re united

The streams of endless love

Are raining down upon us!


2 We are the church

We are the body of Christ

He bought us with His blood

The gates of hell will not overcome us

Because when we are united

We are invincible!


Music & lyrics – Zara Hovhannisyan

Vocal – Zara Hovhannisyan, Arthur Areskin, Ruzan Samuyiwa

Back vocal – Alla Hovhannisyan-Janpoladyan

Guitar – Sergey Erskine

Arrangement – Levon Pasodyan, George Khechoyan

Sound mix – Levon Pasodyan

Mastering – Michael Margaryan